today, a unique number, the like of only eleven others, would have been nachman's 84th birthday
the nachmankarni.org website is the brainchild of sara, his bride of 28 years. As with many other subjects, her wisdom and creativity made a living link , bringing together a spirit, believed to be above mortality, with one of the forerunners of technology, the internet.
 thus, the past 34 years kept his memory strong, and established over and over again the involvement and contribution
 that his short life brought about  dwelling in the past is a blessing when it reveals fascinating facts, when it proves that
 material never wastes, when it provides  pride and belonging the karni 'tribe' (not as big as the ones NK encountered out in africa...but quality rides over size!)..

recalls and/or admires what the site exposes we will have to give some thought how to continue with this story, now that this 'couple' has 'reunited', in a beautiful place, alas, address unknown, no mobiles or internet (yet..?!!) about.
 for the time being , any words of any content would be warmly received.
 although this site was created in loving memeory of nachman, her daughters believe that for a couple who stood as one,
 not even death separating their spiritual unity, it naturally becomes  their joint memoriam
                                                               smadar and yasmin, telaviv, sunday, october tenth, 2010