Some will deny it but I will insist
That we met here in the desert
And I will say before we even spoke
We looked at God's work
The shapes of the mountains
and clouds.
There were tank tracks
Like the seals of the sand.
I said: It is all so pointless
Because God could not invent tanks.
You considered that and you said:
God did not invent tanks.
Oil lamps; He invented oil lamps!
It grew dark so suddenly.
Why was that?
You were no longer clear to me
In the Sinai night.
I said: It is you, Nachman?
You said nothing, nothing at all.
You lit the lamp and put it 
at my feet
The light flooding upward
Making me large,
You smiled, your eyes danced.
You turned without word, 
without sign.
How slowly you walked out into that night!
The mountains became smaller
As you walked toward them.
You became darker
And the stars of God's night 
pierced you.
You glowed. You were a lamp.
I see where you go and I love you.

                      Eric Blau



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