July 28, 2002

Nachman, Dear Friend,

Like so many, I think of you often.  Always with Love and admiration. 

These thoughts remind us of many phases of your Life:

May it be, that the foremost is
Not in the narrow sense of chauvinism,
But in the broadest feeling of responsibility to Society and Country.

There is also
NACHMAN THE STATESMAN, in your capacity as adviser, confidant and ambassador to many political and social figures.
A source of thought and guidance to writers, artists and performers.
There was
NACHMAN THE HERO, not confined to the battlefield.  A leader exemplifying that any worthwhile achievement, demands a risk,  the fulfillment of any important goal requires courage.

NACHMAN THE THINKER, admiring History and the Heritage of the Jewish People.  An unequivocal dedication to Eretz-Israel, for its Magic as a Homeland and Hope for those who were abundant and oppressed and were yearning for a new and free life.

It is difficult to realize that twenty-five years have passed, since you have said good-bye to meet your Angels, it is, however, a sad reality--sustained only by the knowledge that you must be at Peace and by the legacy which you have left behind.  A legacy of understanding and compassion, exemplary sense of  responsibility, the readiness to accept challenges as they occur. 
You did not confine yourself to asking "Why?", but urged yourself and others to ask "Why not?"

You have taught us this and more.  We loved you for it then and remember now.  We were proud of our friendship, which was so abruptly and untimely ended, but remains a memory for always.