Messages from friends and family

From:Sharonna Karni Cohen

Dear Sasra, One of the best grandmothers in the world.

When I went into the site it had been accessed 1,100 times. You have done such a hard, good and succesful job to make so many people want to see the website. It is amazing. Even though I never met my Saba he will stay in my heart forever. I have learnt so much imformation about him from the website and from all the stories you, yasi, mummy, daddy and friends tell me. He sounds like such a great man. If he was still with us he would be an amazing saba. I would tell him all my stories about school, friends and family. Atleast the website gives us the chance to. When i look up to the sky at night and i see all the glistening stars I think of my lovely, kind saba. He will always be watching over us. I love you, neshikot xoxoxoxoxo

Sharonna, your youngest grandaughter
Dear ladies,
First of all let me wish you a happy and healthy year, and share with you the hope for peace in our area.  Sara, the web site you orchastrated is wonderful.  Since I did not know Nachman in life it is certainly teaching me a lot about him.  I am sure those who did know him in life appreciate the memorium they can share with you and your family.  I guess sometimes computers are a good thing, may be one day I will also have the time to enjoy this tool, right now I am still a driver to my children in addition to the office work and teaching. 
Well, got to run the dog ...  best wishes again, thank you for including me in your Shabbat messages.  Eventhough I don't always read it on the specific day I  enjoy the connection, Yassi of course but you Sara and Smadar and her family are very dear to me and I feel fortunate to be included in your thoughts.
Love Orni
My beloved Sara, Smadi, Yasmin and family:

 I think Nachman would have loved the impressive website which you created in his memory.  It is filled with love, thoughts and creativity, it is great.  
While reading the information you put in the website, I thought to myself, how proud Nachman would have felt.  His beloved wife Sara found a way to keep his memory alive.  If you believe like I do that we are the way we reflect on others,  not our kidneys, lungs or other physical parts; it is possible to bring people back to life. The "real us" are our actions, thoughts, ideas, believes, and the way we communicate them to the world around us, this can not die..
If you are lucky and are blessed with wisdom, humor and communication skills like Nachman was, it is easier to communicate and share with the world your vision, ideas and beliefs.  This vision  stays alive now and than.

The way you reminded us about  Nachman's life, his actions, dreams and his hopes, I can see the similarity between his life and  the development of the State of Israel.
Nachman's  vision of the special relationship between the Jewish people living in the diaspora and the State of Israel was important than, and  is important today..
Although Nachman died 25 years ago, he is still vivid, alive and important in our existence.  His vision can  add strength, courage and meaning to our lives today.  Nachman was a profit.  His vision "Hazon" is very important today in these difficult times.
You brought him back my beloved sister..
Let his memory be alive.
Nachman was the one that found me fit to take Judith as my wife.  It was a big honor, because all other Judith's  boyfriends got all kinds of degrading titles, like "melafefon" etc. and were immediately blacklisted.
Nachman was the one who invented "walk for health," but  never received the appreciation he deserved for his invention.  I remember walking with him in Stanford Connecticut, and in Tel-Aviv. I just loved to talk to him.  It was interesting, informative and full of humor.
May his memory be blessed.

  LA Hasaks
We heard it was a wonderful event -- sorry we couldn't be there with you all...
 LA Hasaks

 Charles Tripodi
It is with great pride and much feeling that Virginia and I join all family and friends of Nachman on this memorial page.
As this is the 25th anniversary of Nachman's passing, we amongst so many feel his absence, but recognize the contributions which he had made in his life.  And so, we feel that this, today, is a reminder of his legacy and a celebration of his life.

Dear friend,
You have made an important impact on all of us who became your friend and have left a point of much love in our hearts. 
Shalom Aleicheim, Dear Friend
Virginia & Simon

 barak eytan

   Alain Kawkiewicz
Dear Sara
I would like to present myself to you, I am Alain Kawkiewicz the son of Mojzesz (he was a doctor in Congo at that time) and grand son of Szmuel. my grand father was the brother of the grand father of Nachman, I got the address of your site thanks to my cousin ami Neria, I met you in 1956 and 1965 when I was still a young boy during my visits to Israel. I found in the album of my parents( who died some years ago) some photos of our families together. I will send these photos to you later .

My father loved and admired his cousin Nachman, his grave is not so far from your husband's grave, he was telling me that he wish to be buried in Kfar malal cemetery next to his beloved cousins and uncles so they can play cards whole night...together...!!

my sister Danielle & me are living in Belgium with our families..we would like to keep the contact with you.
Please feel free to contact us when ever you like..our best regards to all the family
By the way the site is really nice, very well done.


Alex Zielony

Dear Sara and Family,
Thank you for advising abou thr gahering to-day to remember your beloved Nachman.
Time remaind at a stand still for the loving of the one who left us not to return and by your noble act nachman and yorselves it has been proven.
All the best and a peaceful new year,
Alex Zielony.
 Dov Sinai

   Dear Sara,
   It is strange to write to you and think of Nachman in a languaue other than the one we used on so many occassions and  in so many places between us. I am sorry not to be with you today; as I type this message and see it on the computer  screen there lights up another screen - in my mind - 50, 40 and 30 years back in time. I may not remember that well things that happened yesterday or last week but I do recall vividly  those times way back with you, with Nachman and with many of our friends.
Nachmans wit and wisdom, his irrepresible humour - I regret that there was no one there to record his spontaneous and pithy comments on people and events.
Dear Sara, what can I say to you? I can, however, say to his grandchildren that their grandfather Nachman who, I believe, called me his friend, was an exceptional, unique and most worthy human being. There is hardly a day when I don't think of him -that I don't miss him. Well...

Beni Reise 

 Vera Stern

     Dear sara, I just discovered the website and became emotional seeing  Nachman's photos on the screen. We all met in l958, when you both were   living in New York. I will never forget how attracted Isaac and I were to   Nachman, he represented Israel with such dignity, knowledge and strength.
  As much as we loved Israel, it was Nachman who reinforced our relationship   with your country.
  I know that your evening on the 30th will be filled with love, memories   and friendship.
  My warmest thoughts are with you and your family. Shana tova and peace.
  Love, Vera

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