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The Colonel Nachman Karni Fund/affiliate 
Yad Ben-Gurion for Research for Advancement in
Israel Security

The Colonel Nachman Karni Fund was founded by Nachman Karni’s friends in order to assist academic research, concerning Israel ’s security in its broadest sense – Ben Gurionite sense, on the first memorial of his death, in august l978. The grant is  aimed mainly for university students, still working on their graduate or post graduate theses.

The grant is given once a year in Sde Boker, at the memorial ceremony for Pola and David Ben-Gurion.  All academic institutions have been notified of the Fund’s aims and procedures. The grant was initially $1,000, after ten years it was raised to $2000.

The Fund Managing Committee would very much welcome new contributors, so that the colonel Nachman Karni Fund can become an influential factor in the direction of research concerning Israel ’s security.  

The Fund is affiliated to Yad Ben-Gurion, which is regulated by a special law passed by the Knesset and is subject to the State Comptroller’s inspection.

Contributions in the United States are tax exempt when addressed to the Fund through ‘The American Associates of the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, 342 Madison Avenue, N.Y.C. 10017, with the following instructions: “the contribution is to be transferred to the colonel Nachman Karni Fund, c/o Yad Ben-Gurion,  and to be added to the existing Nachman Karni Fund.  

The first two  grants were awarded in The Ben-Gurion House in Tel-Aviv.  The ceremonies were moved to Sde Boker in l981.  

Winners of the nachman karni grant:

1979 – Dr. David Menashri, of the Dayan Institute, Tel Aviv University (the still called The Shiloah Institute for his treatise: “The Place of Higher Education in the Development of the New Iran”

1980 – Mr. Reuven Enoch, his treatise “Science Policy in small developed countries, Israel Inclusive.”  

1981 – Dr. David Nave  

1982 – Gabby Petersberg of the Shiloah Institute, Tel-Aviv Universityfor his research “Ben-Gurion and The Arab Problem”.

1983 – Dr. Martin Kremer of the Dayan Institute Tel-Aviv University .

1984 – Joshuah Titlebaum ,of the Dayan Institute, Tel-Aviv University , for his research “Islaam and Social and Political Changes in Saudi Arabia  

1985 – Gad Barzilai, of Jerusalem University, for his doctorate “A Democracy at War – Positions Reactions and Participation of The Public” – Agreements and Disagreements in Israel from the Sinai War 1956 to the Lebanon War l982.

1986 – Andre Massawi, of Tel-Aviv University , Department of edfucation, for his MA treatise “Patterns in Relations Between Jews and Arabs in Heterogenic Educational Environment”.  

1987-l988 – Idit Zartaal, Tel-Aviv University , for her doctorate “The Mossad for Aliya Bet, 1938-1948.

1989 – Amir Bar-Or, of Jerusalem University, Political Science Department, for his MA treatise “Zionism at War – Not for Power” a base to the security concept of David Ben-Gurion.  

1990 – Uri Elgom (colonel, res.) for his extensive research “The Negev Committee – 20.12.47 – 3.12.48”  

1991 – David Taal, of the History Department, Tel-Aviv University , for his Doctorate “The Concept of Cdefence in Israel   1949-1956”.  

1992 &1993 – Dr. Tuvia Frilling, of The Hebrew University Jerusalem, for his doctorate "“avid Ben-Gurion and The Holocaust, 1939-1945”.  

1994 –Yaacov Morag, of Tel-Aviv University, Management Sciences Department for his MA treatise “ Platoon Commandrs Leadership -  in Forming Positions and activation”

1995 – Aharon Azati, of Tel-Aviv University, Department Eretz Israel Studies, for his doctorate “ The Kibbutz Movement and The Israel Defence Forces – Society and State - Interrelation during The First Years”.  

1996 – Leah Teicher, of Haifa University ,Eretz Israel Studies for her MA treatise “The Jewish Prisoners of War in the Arab Countries during The War of Indepence”

1997- Anat Kurtz, of Tel-Aviv University, Political Science Department for her doctorate “Organizational Development and Strategy of Confrontation”

1998 – Eytan Barak, Tel-Aviv University – Political Science  Department, for his doctorate “Military Regimes in The Middle East – A Strategic Examination”

l999 & 2000 – awarded to the Kinat Dasvid” research into the conflict years – Life of Ben-Gurion.

2007 - Noa Schonmann, St. Antony's College Faculty of Oriental Studies, University of Oxford -
"The Phantom Pact Israel's Periphery Policy in the Middle East"