Visit to      Brazil  1961

Visit to      Burma  1966

Visit to Cambodia 1966

Visit to        Nepal 1967
Visit to   Thailand 1966
Visit to        Africa 1963

    Visit  of  VIP  in Israel

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With his soldiers,47



Course samgadim  

Gdud 52

1949 NY,Moshe Sharet


New York 1949


 3.1949 Caravan of Hope   click for special page on this trip to the US

1949 with V.Meu


1949, NY with Ralik


Eizer Weizman, 1956




in the US

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with military attaches

Ben Gurion 

Shimon Peres  

Pablo Casals


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Visit to brazil 1961

Visit to Cambodia 1966

Visit to Nepal 1967

Visit to Burma 1966

  Visit to Thailand 1966


Visit of VIP in Israel

Courses in Israel

  visit to Africa