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Words by Sharona on 12.8.2005

For the man all of you knew; for the saba I would have loved to have known; for the brave colonel who is the reason we are all here tonight; FOR NACHMAN KARNI.

 Being one of the few people here who didn’t meet nachman karni, I felt it appropriate to share with you my feelings about my saba from all the stories I have heard, and then, maybe,  you can tell me if my views on him are correct.

 I can imagine him being such an intelligent man.  One I could have had so many intellectual conversations with. Of course, being friends with you all – he must have been intelligent.

 I also imagine him having such  a good sense of humour, such a laid back feel to him (unless, of course, he was angry at mummy or yassie – but of course not often).

Then comes the fatherly, caring side, a loving husband to his amazing wife; the powerful strong man, detirmined to accomplish the best for everyone around him.

 A day doesn’t go by without me wishing for one encounter, one meeting between our saba and his three grandchildren, or maybe just one moment and a hug.

 Therefore I will continue to make my wishes, and meanwhile we”ll dedicate a moment for the memory of my saba; for the adored man; a moment  when we think of him, of the amazing man you knew and I imagine.  

I know he would have loved nothing better than to be with us here tonight.    TODA.